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Grubli is here to make your life easier

Our mission is to help you make use of your food before it goes bad.
We do this by providing you with timely notification before expiration and inspiration for what to use your ingredients for.

Grubli is a new and innovative product consisting of stickers with a code and a web platform.

The sticker is added on the product packaging and is then used to identify this particular product.

The product is created with this code on the web platform. From here, content and expiration date are kept track of.

How Grubli works

Put a sticker on the food product you want to store.
Scan the sticker with your smartphone and open the link that pops up directly from the camera.
Create your food product by describing what it is and indicating where you place it. Be notified when expiration is approaching.

How Grubli works

What can Grubli do for you?

What can Grubli do for you?

Save money

With a complete overview and effective notifications, Grubli helps you to use more of your food products before they expire. It's good for your wallet.

Reduce foodwaste

When you use several of your food products before they expire, you help to avoid food waste. It is good for the climate and the globe.

Full control

We believe in transparency and accountability. Therefore, with just a few clicks, you have full control over your membership. That's good for you.

Good for the environment and good for your wallet

Our stickers is shipped at a fair price with no hidden fees.

Get started with a starter kit

- You only pay 29 USD incl. shipping (lless than half off)

20 stickers


Access to the web platform

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